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5 Reasons to Hire Mold Inspection Services When You Buy a New Home

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There is a lot to consider when moving into a new house, but don’t forget to arrange a mold inspection. You never know how old your new home is or how long it has been empty. Most homebuyers rely on visual inspection if there’s no apparent mold and even reject mold testing as unnecessary. However, mold is cunning. It can frequently live in a home without anyone noticing. For this reason, it is critical to go for a mold inspection service when purchasing a home. Let’s have a closer look.

How to Know If You Are Buying a House with Mold?

Although Mold can be hard to spot, there’s a high probability that it can be where you least expect it. Mold thrives in dark, damp environments and is known to lurk in difficult-to-access spots that are not immediately evident. Mold can also grow within HVAC equipment, up in attics, behind walls, and beneath flooring.

When viewing the home, you should do some visual mold inspection to see if you spot any visible signs of mold. For your convenience, here are some of the most common household molds found in the United States.

  • Alternaria: Look for dark green or brown spots that appear soft and velvety.
  • Aspergillus: This mold can form thick layers, typically white, yellow, or green.
  • Cladosporium: Mostly found in carpeting and upholstery and might be olive green or brown.
  • Penicillium: This mold produces an attractive blue or green patch with a soft, velvety texture.
  • Stachybotrys (Black Mold): This toxic mold appears in areas that can be black or very dark green.

Schedule a mold and air quality examination with a mold removal company near you to avoid this very costly and dangerous issue.

Reasons To Hire a Mold Inspection Service from a Mold Removal Company

1.     Protects Your Family

One of the most serious concerns about mold is the health problems that certain types of molds might bring after prolonged contact.  Certain molds are hazardous to humans, and approximately 25% have mold allergies. They can also produce certain negative health impacts, such as headaches, rashes, respiratory issues, and difficulty breathing.

2.     Protects Your Investment

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant purchases. Purchasing a home with mold infection is a significant financial risk, as eliminating it can be expensive. However, a mold removal company can help you reduce your investment risk.

All molds have the potential to damage the structural integrity of any building that is infested. Mold will steadily eat away at a house’s materials, eventually causing dangerous structural damage if left untreated. Fixing a moisture problem before purchasing a home is far easier than fixing a major mold problem a few months later. In the long term, this option can save you a lot of money while also ensuring your family’s excellent health.

3.     Saves You Money

Several factors, including the mold’s location, type, and size, determine the average cost of mold inspection near you. So, if your mold has spread throughout a huge area, you may pay a fortune to remove it.

Given the rate at which mold spreads, acting promptly is to your best advantage. The longer you wait to notice a mold problem, the worse it becomes and the more money you spend on remediation. A professional mold inspection service can help you detect mold early and eliminate it while being within your budget.

4.     Maintains Property Value

We know buying a house is no less than an investment. However, you wouldn’t want your investment to deteriorate due to hidden mold damage. This is why mold inspection is an obvious choice for the majority of homebuyers. Nobody wants to find mold patches in their beautiful new apartment. What if you want to sell a home that has mold?

Mold is generally regarded as a red sign, and its presence can reduce property values. Ideally, you should address the mold issue before selling your home. Hiring an experienced mold services provider can help you start the cleanup process and address moisture issues ahead of time.

5.     Enables You to Plan Ahead

As a mold detection company reveals exactly what you’re dealing with, you can devise a definitive plan of action. Once you know how widespread the outbreak is, you can predict how long it will take to eliminate it. This, in turn, can assist you in making alternative living arrangements for your family or relocating your children to a new region for the necessary term. As they say, you can’t act till you know!

What to Do if You Find Mold in Your Dream Home

If your pre-purchase mold inspection revealed mold, consider yourself lucky. You might return the inspection report to the seller and ask that they either correct the problem or lower the selling price to assist in funding mold inspection services.

However, what should you do if you have already bought the house? The deals are done, and then you come to know that your house has mold issues. First and foremost, document the mold growth, including photos, as this information may be required for insurance claims or legal proceedings. Secondly, contact a professional mold removal company. They have the knowledge and tools to remove the mold and carefully prevent its return.

End Note

Make sure you have an exciting first day in your new home and there are no unpleasant surprises when you move in. There is no risk in scheduling a professional mold removal company for any home you are seriously considering buying.

Our professionals specialize in mold inspection services. If any problems are discovered, we provide solutions and recommendations to help resolve them. Let us uncover any potential hazards so you can confidently and easily approach your next property purchase. For a consultation, give us a call today!

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